01 March 2015

Psalm 139

I want to begin by telling you a story. It's not a story I often tell, but it's significant in my life, right in this moment. 
When I was 17, I was dating a guy, we'll call him Robert. He was a cool guy, into cars, just super laid back. At the time we were dating he had a friend who did tattoos and Rob was working on getting a lot done so he could have a sleeve. We went to his friends house and after waiting and waiting for Rob to get done his friend's brother said I can tattoo you if you want one. I know odd, but at 17 when you're bored it just doesn't seem like a bad idea. Well having not planned any sort of tattoo prior to this I had a real decision to make as to what I would get. I thought a religious tattoo would be best, because I hadn't asked my parents but who could say no to a religious tattoo. I had no idea what to get, and could only think of one bible verse, Psalm 139. 
Fast forward to today, the year is 2015 and I'm 25. I'm married and this isn't the only tattoo on my body. Now the tattoo has faded, it doesn't look as nice, it was always hard to read and I hate those weird star bursts. But the bible verse is still as significant as it was back then. Back then it meant to me that someone knew me, I felt so alone and the idea that my big God knew me intimately meant the world to me. 
In the present when thoughts of unworthiness and unhappiness spring to my mind, the verse means so much more. Not only does it scream to me that he knows me, and love me, but that He knows me and still wants me. He created me for a divine purpose that is so much bigger then me. 
I would say the vast majority of people who get tattoos so young regret them, this is not the case. Because on that night, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, and picked for me a wonderful bible verse that would carry me through many seasons of my life. 

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