12 December 2013

Driving Prayers

Some of you might remember my post on Laundry Basket Prayers, and this is going to be a post along the same lines.

I strive in my life to find the Lord in ordinary places. He doesn't just have to have His hand in miracles, the saving of lives and the healing of souls. He's found in the sunset, a child saying Momma, and in simple people loving others.

Over the recent months, it's come to my attention how much I do truly love. I believe deep within me that the Lord knew exactly what he was doing when he gave me a heart for every single person (save child abusers and, well, abusers in general). I love everyone, and believe that message with my whole being, that Our Lord calls us to Love.

So one of the ways that I've found I can LOVE deeply during my daily routine is with Driving Prayers. I'm sure all of us have sat in our car at one point or another, turned off the radio and just let the Lord speak to us, but what about other prayer?

My driving prayer is pretty simple, but I'm floored at how few people I talk to actually do it.

Every time a police car, ambulance or fire truck drives by me, I pray. Lights off, lights on, person in the back of the ambulance, or a cop on his way to arrast someone, I pray. It's not always a long prayer, but mostly it's just "Lord please bless the officer that he may be safe while he protects my community."

We have a special ambulance in Indianapolis, that we see rarely (praise the Lord).  It's a prenatal, newborn ambulance. It's rushing woman to delivery that are high risk and infants to the children's hospital. When I see that ambulance, lights on or not, my heart aches for the family and for the precious life, born or unborn, that needs rushing. Even in the times where no one is in it, you know someone will be and so I pray for them.

This isn't a complicated act, it's as simple as turning on the radio, but what a profound thing to do.  Everyday, cops go to work put their lives on the line for your community.  I don't care if that cop is the biggest jerk in the world and you didn't deserve that ticket or warning.  They don't know who you are or if you've got a shotgun aimed at them when they walk up. In fact, recently I heard that during a pull-over, cops will touch the back of the drivers side of the car to put their finger prints on the vehicle.  In case anything happens, the cops can identify that exact vehicle if necessary. How sad of a world when we don't embrace our law enforcement enough to give them the benefit of the doubt on our safety.  We don't apologize for whatever was perceived to be wrong and thank them for their service to our community. I've never been pulled over, and God willing I won't have to be, but after my accidents and meeting the nicest cops in world I will never look at them the same.

Joshua is one person that I know that does something in his own way.  Whenever we are out of the house (whether it's at the grocery store, out shopping, or even just eating out) he will go up to the officer and shake their hand, thanking them for their service.  I know that not many people are comfortable doing that, I know I'm not.  But what a great model for showing respect to our men and women who serve our community.

So set the example for the next generation to love our public service officials, pray for them each time they cross your path, and say it out loud.
Laura Story's song Blessings has a line that aptly fits this: "What if Your healing comes through tears
What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You're near"
We can all figure that fireman and an ambulance mostly show up to tragedy, but cops give a thousand sleepless nights, they are blessings too.

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