08 September 2013

Week 2 Menu Plan

So after a much needed break, I'm back with a whole NEW menu plan to help you stay on track!! Recipes for this will be posted this week!

Week 1 Menu Plan

As always here are some wonderful printables to help you menu plan:
Weekly Menu with Grocery List
Monthly Menu with Grocery List
Freezer Cooking Packet
Daily Planner & Menu Planner Packet

Here are some links from previous menu plans:
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B: eggs & toast
L: pb&j, serving size of chips (12 chips), can of soda
D: Cookout

B: Protein Shake (for me) Josh doesn't normally eat breakfast so I don't normally factor him in.
L: Turkey Sandwich and salad Aldi sells a bag of three Romaine lettuce heads for about $3! Score!
D: Sausage & Potatoes (recipe) Clearly a favorite of ours

B: Egg Sandwich
L: Flatbread Pizza [homemade sauce (recipe)] The flatbread I cannot find at aldi so when I make my kroger run for turkey I pick up flatbread!
D: Spaghetti and Garlic Knots (recipe) Again it's not that healthy so on meals like this I work on portion control!

B: Protein Shake I work out M W F so this is the breakfast of champions!
L: Tuna Salad & Plain chips For a little salt and instead of a sandwich I use the tuna salad as a chip dip! So yummy!
D: Homemade Tuna Helper (recipe) We both agreed that this is something we probably won't try again, but I'll post the recipe because it wasn't terrible just not a favorite!

B: Eggs & Toast I'm pretty famous for just cracking two eggs, scramble and add cheese! Its a bit of time but it's soooo yummy!
L: Grilled cheese and tomato basil soup (recipe)! Not as healthy as it could be but I had so much soup leftover!
D: Chicken and rice I'll share my secret to amazing, falling-apart, moist chicken (recipe) you can have with anything including salads!

B: Protein Shake I LOVE my protein powder, when mixed with milk tastes like a Wendy's frosty!
L: Flatbread pizza For the flatbread pizza I use the homemade sauce, four pepperonis, a slice of mozzarella cheese (to control portion size) and bake at 400 for 7 minutes
D: Tacos**

B: Frozen Waffles Because YUM!
L: Leftovers
D: Sour Cream Noddle Bake (recipe)**

**For all these meals I substituted ground beef for ground turkey. We found ground turkey for $1.69 a pound (in 1 pound rolls) at Aldi! I was shocked!

Pins & Food I'm excited about!!
30 back to school lunch ideas Ummmm these are good for adults too!!
Chive and Onion cream cheese My only explaination for not discovering it sooner is I have none. It's amazing and such a quick snack when Aunt Flo hits and I just need to stuff my face!!
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Ravioli Lasagna Sounds so incredibly bad for me but YUMMMM
30+ Fall Crockpot recipes Need I say more?
10 Simple Choices

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