22 July 2013

Week 1 Menu Plan

I've decided as a fun way to sorta keep me accountable but also give you a peek into what I serve each week for my little family of two, that I'd share my menu plan, from the last week, with you on Mondays! Sounds fun right?!

As far as some of our choices, though they aren't very healthy for us a HUGE thing is portion control. So one Normal serving and no eating again is a big deal for us! I will be sharing the recipes as time goes by, sorry. 

Week 1 Menu Plan

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B: nothing we woke up late (normal for us on weekends)
L: pb&j, serving size of chips (12 chips), can of soda
D: Mexican Pizzas**

B: Cereal & Toast
L: Chicken Tacos (have to cook the chicken for soup tonight)
D: Chicken Gnocchi Soup (will have recipe soon)

B: Egg Sandwich
L: Flatbread Pizza (homemade sauce (will have recipe soon)
D: Grilled Chicken & Salad

B: Smoothie (recipe)
L: Grilled Cheese
D: Meatloaf** & Cappelcrack Potatoes (will have recipe soon)

B: Egg Sandwich
L: Cheese/Chicken Quesedilla
D: Skillet Ricota (like skillet lasagna but meatless) (recipe)

B: Cereal & Toast
L: Pb&j, serving size of chips
D: Homemade pizza

B: Cinnamon Rolls (I know terrible but it's Saturday)
L: Leftovers or sandwich
D: Sour Cream Noddle Bake (recipe)**

**For all these meals I subsituted ground beef for ground turkey. We found ground turkey for $1.69 a pound (in 1 pound rolls) at Aldi! I was shocked!

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