26 June 2013

Strawberry Banana Chocolate Freezer Smoothie

Strawberry Banana Chocolate Freezer Smoothie

The first week I began working I would have pop tarts for breakfast, I've never really eaten breakfast so I didn't put much thought into it. Boy should I have! I got the jitters so bad all that week by noon because the only value of that was carbs and they were gone by noon having eaten breakfast at 7a-730a! I needed to find a solution.

The second week rolled around and I found myself with breakfast hot pockets, but they didn't taste good, but I didn't get the jitters. FYI I tested my blood sugar levels when I was feeling "jittery" and it was so low (54) that I knew something had to be done. All last week (my second week) I had also really been feeling the need to get healthy, I just wasn't content with how little I was caring about my body and the weight I was carrying.

Thanks to the glorious internet I found out that you can freeze smoothies, but they need a while to defrost (like an frozen thing!) So here's what I did!

Ingredients: (this ingredient list is for all 7 jars but I of course split it up)
-3 bananas
-8 to 10 strawberries
-6 scoops of chocolate protein powder I had just bought mine at target for $17.99
-2 cups vanilla greek yogurt I choose vanilla cause I wanted some sweet,and greek because of 21g of protein
-6 cups skim milk you can use whatever type of milk you're comfortable with

Directions: (you must layer in this order!) (one batch at a time)
1. Get blender ready (duh)
2. Pour 3 cups milk
3. 1 cup greek yogurt
4. Bananas & Strawberries you can use whatever fruit you want and really as much as you want, I know from previous experience that I love strawberry banana so that's why I choose this!
5. 3 scoops (scoop provided by protein powder) onto top
6. Puree until will mixed
7. Mixture is very "liquid" it's not thick, I like this because it goes farther!

I'm going play around with it, I found some great smoothie recipes and as I make them I'll share them! But find stuff that works for you. Eventually I'll add spinach or kale to give me some fiber and some great nutrients! Make it your own.

Well my first one is defrosting! I'll let you know how it turns out!

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