31 May 2013

New Job & Tutorial


One thing I needed to do in setting up this awesome new site for my blog assistant was to create a layout. So I'm going to show you how I did it so that if you decide to create a layout you can use some of these tips!

First off let me say how much I love Designs Seeds! She compiles these beautiful pictures and then gives you the colors out of them! 

This is the beautiful one I fell in love with as the inspiration for my blog assistant page!

1) Go to Design Seeds and find the image and color palate you love the most.

2) Once you find that beautiful image, click on it and on the right hand side select Download! Save it somewhere like your desktop (you won't need it once you have the color codes)

3) Now is the fun part. I used to do this in photoshop until I thought about doing this tutorial and at that point I googled it (don't we all!) and found this LOVELY site. It's called Image Color Picker, and what it does is allow you to upload a picture and then select the colors you wish to bring out.

4) So upload the picture and once it's uploaded hover over the color you want, and if you used Design Seeds you'll see how easy it is to pick out those colors.

5) Now you can get that coveted HTML color code to use in picmonkey or in blogger or wherever!!
So now you'll see some crazy codes that look like this: #4E4138 #F50058 #E2DD00

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