03 May 2013

Couponing with us Crazies

So Josh and I have been finding some VERY creative ways lately to have fun! We've gone for test drives of cars we like (we prepared ourselves for the sales pitch), go dream shopping at stores which yeah is a little like dang I wish we had money but it's also a lot of fun, but our favorite so far is couponing for FREE items!!

Couponing Adventures

We use a few resources to accomplish this:
Coupon Mom
Hunt 4 Freebies

We end up only paying tax so I'll give you the break down:

Duncan Hines Frosting Mix x2
Quantity: 1
Sale Price: $0.84
MFG Coupon: $1.00
= +$0.1** x2 = $0.32

Poise Feminie Wash x3
Quantity: 1
Sale Price: $2.99
MFG Coupon: $3.00
= +$0.01** x3 = $0.03

Bounce Dryer Sheets 32ct x2
Quantity: 3
Sale Price: $1.97 e = $5.91 for 3
MFG Coupon: $3.00 off 3
Target Coupon: $3.00 off 3
= +$0.09** x2 = $0.18

Iams Wet Cat Food x2
Price: $0.77
Paid for One

**Target does not NORMALLY give you a profit or overage towards the rest of your order. Walmart will as well as some other stores but sometimes Target will too. Don't count on it though to cover your bill.

Friskies x2
Petco Free Coupon: $0.57
Completly FREE for TWO

The pet food (we don't have a cat) was donated to our local humane society!

Follow this link for an awesome couponing grocery list!

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  1. I think I recognize some of those dates! ;) Sounds like you're becoming a coupon expert, girl!! Good for you!! :)

    1. Beth- I need to put the dates out beside them, opps! Thanks for bringing that up :D No coupon expert but I'm trying to have a good stockpile!
      Abbi @ Seasons of a Homemaker


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