06 May 2013

Couponing with Crazies Pt 2

Welcome friends to the second installment of Couponing with Crazies!! This week we did a lot of stuff we wanted to do last week!! As always there is the free couponing list available!!

Couponing with Crazies Part 2


First I would like to start off again by sharing my favorite places to find freebies! Coupon Mom & Hunt4freebies. As well as clipping coupons which we dumpster dive for. There are a lot of free deals online for coupons which you can also find here to the left. These are our favorite online coupon resources!! It's Coupons & Couponnetwork!!

Now since Josh and I are unemployed we don't have any spare money to go and get great deals on stuff we really need so instead as a fun date day we go couponing for absolutly free things!!

The trick to this is doing your research (we love coupon mom because we don't have to do much) and knowing the coupon policys at the stores you're going to. Krazy Coupon Lady has all the policies if you go to the store page!

The Deals


  Duncan Hines Frosting Creations x2(number of coupons used) 
Quantity (for the coupon): 1
Sale Price: $0.84
MFG Coupon: $1.00         3/17 Smartsource
Profit: $0.16 x2 = $0.32

 Campbells Skillet Sauces x4*
Quantity: 1
Sale Price: $2.00
MFG Coupon: $1.00          4/14 Smartsource
Target Coupon: $1.00
Total: FREE

 Bounce Dryer Sheets 34ct x4*
Quantity: 3
Sale Price: $1.97 (each)
MFG Coupon: $3.00 three select tide or bounce products         4/28 Proctor & Gamble
Target Coupon: $3.00 three select tide or bounce products         4/14 RedPlum
Total: FREE

 *Target only allows four identical coupons per transaction. This means we can only get four identical things at the same time (same transaction). This is why we got 4 campbells sauces & 12 bounce dryer sheets


Poise Body Cooling Towlettes x4
Sale Price: $2.97 each
MFG Coupon: $3.00 off       4/7 SmartSource

Total: FREE


Zyrtec (5ct) x5*
Quantity: 1
Sale Price: $6.59 each
Kroger Plus Card Sale: $0.60 off
MFG Coupon: $6.00 off      4/28 SmartSource
Total: FREE

   *Kroger gave us a small hastle with this because they apparently don't like to give money back to us (even though it was 1 penny each) even though we still had to pay tax for it. So just keep in mind that some cashiers don't like free coupons, but know what their policy is, and there's nothing they can really do.

 Our Crazy Methods

Part of our method as mentioned above is dumpster diving. I know this sounds crazy but this is the best way to get loads of coupon books at once. It's not for everyone though, maybe it's easier for you to ask friends if you can have theirs, ask neighbors that you know get it, etc.

However you go about getting your coupon packs, you should try and get a wide variety. If you're asking neighbors or church group for their coupons then you'll want to check in with them each week or visit them yourself because you never know which group of coupons will produce the freebies or the best deals for your family.

One thing anyone can do for themselves that's helped Josh narrow down our search a lot is to make a master list of things you really do need on a regular basis or brand specific things that you would love to catch on deal. Josh has allergies to detergents and deoderants, because of this you'll find that we ONLY collect tide and mitchum for him, but it also narrows the deals we could get.

Josh and I currently aren't attending a church for many personal reasons but as our way of titheing is to coupon and donate. Do you have organizations that you would love to donate to but don't know what they need? Most organizations have a list somewhere on their website, so go find out. We love the humane society so we have a running list in our heads of what they need the most and try to catch deals for that!

Have any questions you know how to reach me! Check the header and either use social media or click the mail button and that will open an email to me!! 

I would love any comments that you have!! Please let me know if there is a printable you're looking for!!
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