23 May 2013

Couponing with Crazies - Part 3

Hello everyone, this is Josh, Abbi's husband.  Abbi invited me to write Part 3 of her Couponing with Crazies series.  I'm going to go over what I use to find the best coupons and deals, as well as show you what our recent shopping exploits have brought us.

Firstly, you will find that couponmom is an AMAZING site that focuses solely on the RedPlum, Smartsource, and P&G coupon packets.  These packets mostly come out in the Sunday newspaper... but why buy a newspaper when you can find a paper recycling dumpster that holds LOADS of these coupon booklets?  We've noticed that about 70% of people recycle their newspapers Friday night/Saturday Morning.  This means that we will have a huge amount of newspapers available to pick through Saturday afternoon.  In 1 hour, we can find about 10 of each coupon book (some more than others on occasion).  So we plan a "dumpster diving date" on Saturdays.  I climb into the dumpster, grab newspapers that look promising, then hand some to Abbi to sort through, and sort through some myself.  Now you may be asking, "But Josh, just because you get the coupon packets doesn't mean you can use them." That is very true.  Most of the time, you need to wait a month before that packet is usable to get the best savings!  But by waiting, we can get things for FREE, rather than having to spend $1.50 or more for the item.

This brings us to Hunt4Freebies.  This site has an amazing list of printable coupons for free, or next to free, items.  It also has a list of websites having giveaways, trials, and other promotionals.  I've probably gotten about 20 "free trials" just by requesting them at websites.  Such as a free 2 liter of pepsi, free dish detergent, free feminine products.  You name it, the company is probably willing to let you try it for free.

Finally, Google is your best friend.  You can find coupon forums that have items that other people have been able to get for free!  I recently found a forum that had a coupon for $14.00 of a 150oz bottle of Tide.  This bottle of tide costs roughly $17.50.  This means I spend $3.50 on a bottle of Tide? HELL YEAH!  Or how about coupons that take $6.00 off a 12 pack of Cottonelle ($6.97).  That's 97 cent 12 packs of Toilet Paper (and not the cheap stuff either!).  You'll never know what you can find until you look.  I will not pay full price for anything again.  You'll find that, inevitably, if it exists, then there's a coupon for it.

So, all that being said, lets give you a list of everything that we have so far.  I'm not going to go over what coupons we used, as many of them are either listed on the couponmom website or printables found at hunt4freebies.  Here's our recent haul:

We got 4 24packs of Charmin toilet paper for $3.00 each (retail price $13 each).
We got 4 12packs of Cottonelle toilet paper for $0.97 each (retail price $6.97 each)
We got 4 8GB flash drives for $0.97 each (retail price $9.97 each)
We got 3 150oz bottles of Tide for $3.50 each (retail price $17.50 each)

So, for $30.26 plus tax, we got all this.  The retail cost for all this is over $170!!!!! So we saved 83%!!

This brings us to our Stockpile as it is today.

We have:
6 12packs of Cottonelle
4 24packs of Charmin
9 8GB flash drives
5 5ct packs of Zytrec ($0.01 moneymakers each)
3 6packs of disposable razors
7 poise feminine hygiene products ($0.03 money makers each)
18 34ct boxes of Bounce dryer sheets ($0.03 money makers)
3 150oz bottles of Tide
5 instant coffee packets by Folgers ($0.50 money makers each)
3 "Mio" water flavoring
4 Cambells Skillet packets

All told, the retail value of all of this is $347.20.  We saved (using coupons and store discounts) 311.06.  So, before tax, we paid $36.14. After tax, we paid $58.30.  That's right, we paid about $24 in tax.  All this being said, we have saved 90% off of everything!!! Can't get much better than that!!!

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