08 March 2013

Praying for my Husband

To pray for my husband. This is a really hard concept for me to try, but I also know how very necessary it is. I have a hard time praying at all lately and I need to work on. So I decided to reach down into my inner woman and use a nice little trick to force myself to pray throughout the day. 

The last few days I had been trying really hard to figure out a way to motivate myself to pray. Only to come to the conclusion that there are FEW things in this EARTHLY world that motivate me. So I decided that I would use the most powerful force I have and that's my love for my husband and my need to nurture. I sat down and made a list of all the reasons I need to pray for him, and how I will be nurturing him.

1. It's showing deep love and caring to stop and pray for him.
2. Instead of nagging about a lot of things, I can take it to prayer first so that it allows my heart to soften and so that it will take stress away from him.
3. My hope is that by praying for my husband and not just the many things that grieve me that I can take my sorrow (sometimes) and deep passion for my husband and turn it into deep prayer.
4. My second hope is that my prayers will be heard because I CANNOT nurture his spirit only God can do that and hear my prayers to nurture his soul.

So to stay focused, I pray throughout the day as thoughts come to my head. On the days Josh is off work, I pray that he can enjoy his day and de-stress before he has to go back to work. On his work days, I pray that he can be diligent at his job, not let the world bring him down and that he can remember how great his sacrifice is when he works! 

It's not an easy thing to do, but the benefit is that while I'm already praying for him, I tend to also remember the prayers I need to pray. So until I form good prayer habits, I'm going to use Earthly motivation to my advantage. I found this wonderful image on pinterest which led me to a very wonderfully cute blog!


I know it seems silly but sometimes when your prayer life might not be where it needs to be, it helps to figure out what will help motivate you.

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  1. I think this post was soo for me at the right time, I have been praying and telling God I just am not sure how or what to pray for my husband this was perfect. I am new to the blogging world...I only found blogs while I was looking for some ways to cut our costs....and I have learned so much...anyway thanks for the post. I will be book marking it and praying it daily for the hubster...thx.


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