27 December 2012

Christmas at the Cappels 2012

Christmas this year has been very unique. With Joshua and I both working Christmas day and most of the days leading up to it, it hasn't been a very "festive" time or a time that allowed for our Christmas traditions to flow from us. Though it's been a very wonderful holiday, with lots of joy, it just hasn't been anything like previous years. The thought of not seeing family on Christmas day still makes me sad, and Christmas is over! So Christmas this year has been spread out. 

The most exciting part of this Christmas season has been the new life that has joined us, not a baby, not yet, but the addition of our doggy Elli-Mae Cappel! We got her just one week before Christmas, and though she has given us a fair dose of responsibility she is a joy! She fits in wonderful with Joshua and I, enjoying her play time but truly enjoying sitting and just being. She brings life and movement to our apartment and has helped us meet our neighbors through her barking (oh I'll explain later, maybe)! Overall she really is a joy! 

Starting on Christmas Eve, my dad and step-mom came over and we enjoyed some delicious stuffed shells in lou of your traditional Christmas dinner. We enjoyed exchanging gifts and were very spoiled this year! While over, I shared #grumpycat with him, and we got caught up watching funny animal youtube videos! I have never seen my dad laugh so hard. It's a joy to see him enjoy himself!

Joshua and I have enjoyed all of our presents and lots of movies together. We have enjoyed a LOT of grocery shopping recently. Some due to poor planning on my part, and some due to the free deals we've been getting! 

We paid just TAX and everything in the picture & more!
I've been doing a lot of cooking recently, enjoying recipes like Momma's Cheese Muffins, Creamy Chicken Pot Pie, and LOTS of cookies!

A LOT of decorating for Christmas has gone on, and truly I'm so blessed to have a place to finally put up all my decorations!!

Tomorrow, the rest of the Cappel Clan will be joining us over Josh's birthday! I'm going to fix a taco bar for them on Saturday, and we're just going to enjoy their company!

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