24 November 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

So this year I was fortunate enough to HOST thanksgiving dinner, it was quite an experience. Pictures below. My dad, step-mom and Gee came up to visit the new apartment and to enjoy dinner with us. The good news is that the turkey was falling off the bone which everyone assured me was a good thing, and my mashed potatoes were DELICIOUS!! 

Josh and I had had plans to go out black Friday shopping, if nothing else for the experience. We had done some of Christmas shopping just this past week for things we needed. We both decided to skip it this year and instead just stayed in and spent time together. I was still scheduled off for Black Friday so I was able to enjoy some time to myself and relax. 
Gee's Famous Chicken Noodles

Green Beans

The 7.70 lb BIRD

The boys

Our Thanksgiving meal

One thing that I've been promising to make Josh was Nutella cookies. Well I waited long enough so I went ahead and made him some Nutella cookies and boy was he pleased :D
Nutella Cookies

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