26 November 2012

Relationships & House Plants

On Thanksgiving day not only did my dad come join Josh and I for thanksgiving but he brought with a him a bounty of gifts, one of them something I treasure more then most people would realize. This plant: 

It seems odd, to treasure a plant; but for me it's honestly life. That's what it means to me, that's my deep tie to it. I love to sit out in "nature", and by nature I don't mean a backyard, I mean NATURE. Trees and creeks or fields or mountains. When I visit Shades state park I find myself mesmerized by the beauty of trees, the wonder that God planted every seed, that he breathed life into the earth that it would work as it does. When I sit at the farm (Cappel farm) I can sit and just stare at the creek for hours, rummaging in the creek, picking out rocks, listening to the trickle of the water and I feel this deep insignificance while also feeling entirely special. The insignificance because I'm looking at just one section of all the water that covers this land, one drop; but floored by this feeling of being prized because God loves me so much he died. It's this amazing feel that comes over me. 
As I tend to this plant that has for years "lived" atop their fridge, I prize the beauty of it, even though right now it is VERY ugly on the backside of it. I was amazed at the droplets of water that covered my counter, not realizing that the leaves "cried". I love how strong and soft the plant is, all that the same moment.
This plant reminds me of human relationships and the parallels between the two. The very basic one that everyone thinks of first is if I don't foster growth in the plant (water & light & air) it won't grow; if I don't feed a relationship, show it joy, and let it breath when necessary it also will die in the darkness. While this plant stands strong it is also easily broken sometimes showing no outward signs, and I think of the people in my life who I've hurt by one action or another and how it took time to see it. My favorite parallel of course is that it will always strain to "find" the light. Every relationship has a wonderful balance and a wonderful joy that it uniquely brings to someones life. No two relationships are the same, they don't delight in the same things or sadden in the same moments. 

I'm blessed to have a lot of relationships and part of growing up is growing the relationships, something I will continue to work at. 

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