23 October 2012

Stop Hating Your Body

Please go read The Body Love Blog it is amazing! Stella Boonshoft who is the author is in love with her body, and it's not because she is a size 1, but because her body helps her love others. She is truly an inspiration. 

After reading this blog, I broke down in tears realizing how long I have truly HATED by body. Hated that it's ugly, that I have overly read cheeks, that my hair does nothing but straight, that I have fat thighs, that my stomach is disgusting, that my arms require shirts to cover them, that my weight has taken away my dream of children! I have done some serious hate on ME! 
^See those arms they let me hug my family and friends
^See my hair, people love my hair, I LOVE my hair
^See my face, "Oh you have such a pretty face" what about the rest of me?
^See my legs they allow me to stand upright. People without legs would love to have them back so why don't I LOVE mine?
^See my eyes? I have my dad's eyes, the most beautiful color I could ask for and it helps me see hurt and emotion and it helps me read people and LOVE them!

This is crazy because I know my God created me perfect, I know that what my parents made wasn't junk. I could sit and tell you how wonderful the bits of my parents personality that came to me are wonderful, but my dad's blue eyes & his fair/fine hair; my mom's hair thickness and her face shape, my gram's nose, my dad's toes, what are those just pieces of the junk, just points of reference when I hate the rest of my body? SO I'M DONE WITH SELF-HATRED, WITH LOOKING IN THE MIRROR AND HATING IT! I'M DONE WONDERING IF PEOPLE THINK I'M UGLY OR IF THEY MOCK ME BECAUSE OF MY WEIGHT! YOU DON'T KNOW MY STORY, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I'VE BEEN THROUGH. I'M ALSO DONE WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE CONCERNED ABOUT MY WEIGHT, IT'S MY BODY AND WHETHER I CHOOSE TO EAT DORITOS ALL DAY OR APPLES IS MY OWN CHOICE.

However, I do plan on loving my body and because of that love, I plan on treating it like I love it. I'm going to start honoring the vessel/temple that is my body, because lets face it very few of us do that. If you loved your body you would put the right things in it, you would do the right things for it, but when you wanted something (ice cream & pizza) you would give it that, always in moderation. 

So i'm DONE! I'm done with self-hatred, because I am a big girl, with a big body and you can never hate my body anymore because I have hated it more then you ever could but because I'm DONE hating it!


  1. I tried to post in your recipe section after running out of money and looking for $50 a week food budget I found your blog. I am taken by your humble honesty.. I have looked at several of your pages each one remarkable in insight.
    The things you are willing to share with total strangers is phenomenal..the things you are sharing are the things most people hide behind their smiles. It is good for people to see your struggles and make it a less lonely world.
    Thank you.
    signed a gay father in California


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