22 October 2012

Intimacy in Marriage

I felt the urge to write this blog from a stirring in my heart lately. I heard it once said at church that if you want to see how good a marriage is, sex is the "barometer" of that. Sex is a good way to tell if your marriage is coasting good, or if there are some issues that aren't letting the "bedroom" happen. 
Earlier, I posted a "home tour" one picture that was specifically left out was my bedroom. The reason for this might seem incredibly silly, but of all the places in my house, that's where everything goes down (yes pun intended). Ask Joshua, though, that's also where our biggest fights happen. Call it irony, call it whatever you want but that marriage bed has held some beautiful things and some very ugly things. 

Recently Joshua and I received a gift. It's called "Simply Romantic Nights". The beauty of this gift is whether or not you have a "good" sex life or it needs a little igniting, it works! One day I received these two "games/books/things" in the mail. Inside the box was a booklet and two stacks of "envelopes". Inside the booklet was instructions, a general overview and information. Inside the envelops are the intimate part. The men get the blue cards and the women the red/pinkish. You take turns, because it's not all one sided. The benefit is that they're balanced, the men get some of their needs met and the women theirs. 

Because this is so on my heart I'm going to read to you a little bit of something that's found in the booklet: 
"Dear Wives,
Eight ways to be God's Lover to your Husband
by Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus
...the Lord has shown us the tremendous need for women to replace worldly attitudes about sex with God's attitude. God's plan for sexual intimacy is holy. When husbands and wives practice the principles set forth in His Word, deep longings are satisfied and marriages reflect the sweetest of all relationships - that of Christ and the Church (Ephesians 5:31-32). ... In our letter to your husbands, we stressed the need for him to serve you out of bed - to listen attentively to your opinions and dreams, to walk with you as you face the daily pressures of your world, and to nurture and cherish you as a woman. These are some of your greatest needs as a wife. But your husband has needs, too. He needs for you to serve him in bed. What does this look like? Take a look at the word romantic for eight new ways you can honor God and serve your husband in bed.
R - revise your vows
O - Offer your body as a gift
M - Mentally shift into sexual gear
A - Admire him
N - Nurture your sexual feelings
T - Touch him in a sexual way
I - Ignite passion
C - Commit to romance"

This is just a little exert of what this book offers, not even including what the cards offer. So let me describe the cards to you. Lets say you each trade off a week, two weeks, a month, whatever, for the both there is preparation that goes into each card. A few days before you start dropping hints of whats to come, you make childcare arrangements, a day before you really begin to drop hints or even lead up to it. On the night, childcare is arranged and the card has what to do and then you set the stage, be it trailing clothes through your house, making dinner, having a picnic in your living room. All of them lead to some climatic event (pun intended).  All of them also ask you to pray for your spouse in the week that your preparing. 

If you have any more questions for me on this subject or about the product, please contact me! I would love to talk about this subject as it's very near and dear to my heart. 

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  1. I think my parents have this! Is that weird that I know that? Haha! Praying for you, girl!


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