22 October 2012

A World of Firsts

My world is made up of 'firsts' right now. Our first apartment, our first grocery trip, our first meal at home, our first time ordering a pizza at our home, our first dishwasher load, our first cable bill, our first baking experience, and oh so many more. I love life right now, but it's not easy. We moved in October 13, 2012, but our first rent check is due November 1, 2012. Sooooo, we have to come with a full months rent in under three weeks. Power to working. A few people have requested "tours" of our home. I am happy to report that I have some decent pictures of our new home, but I beg your forgiveness there are a lot of boxes still left. 
The last week has been one of the most exciting and one of the hardest of my life! I'm so happy to cook & bake and have my house always smell like dinner. I love having my husband relax and love his place. I love being able to let our girls just run around!! I love the life we're going to make. 
I didn't have the traditional route to this apartment, but I wouldn't change a single thing not for one second! We moved when we could and when it was the right time. Now we have something that we know was what God had in mind. 

Our entry way! 
The "office/guest room/box room/throw all"!
Our books, and we have seven more boxes of books!
Our beautiful living room!
"My spot"
Picture area & Picture wall
Our reading/movie area! 
Our dining area! The girls sleep here as do our pumpkins and the best candle ever!
My kitchen, complete with fresh baked cookies and decorated for Halloween!
My kitchen! Crockpot cooking away!
All our wedding gifts finally being used!
Our fully stocked pantry! I'm a lucky girl!
Our first grocery shopping trip!
Our first home cooked meal, Taco Bake! Recipe Link Below
Our first crockpot meal, Salsa Chicken! Recipe Link Below

My first attempt at Buffalo Chicken Dip! Recipe Link Below

I plan on updating once a week so stay tuned to Seasons of a Homemaker for recipes, and updates on our life!
& As promised the recipes!

Taco Bake
Salsa Chicken
Buffalo Chicken Dip

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