12 January 2012

Three Buses, sent directly from the Lord

Yesterday morning, January 11, I was running really late for work. It takes me 15-18 minutes to get to work and that’s a good time. I'm due in at 8:00 and it was nearing 7:50! But Thursday last as I was rushing through traffic on my way home, I heard a small voice. Not the internal voice that cautions me or criticizes me, I didn't hear my voice (mine's all girly and high-pitched); no this was a deep but definite voice. "Abbi, slow down." Very simple, very direct; and I knew immediately who had spoken to me. "Okay, God Father, sorry. It's just I'm running so so late." The prompting came again, not in words just the feeling of needing to slow down. I'm not one to ignore that; my future could have been a car accident, or any number of bad things.
So yesterday morning, already running late I felt him prompting me, slow down. I made the agreement in my car; I'll go the speed limit no matter what, no rushing and no getting frustrated and cursing. To say I have road rage might be an overstatement, but I do get aggressive.
So before even pulling out of my driveway I said a small prayer for patience and support. As I have my car in reverse, I look both ways only to see a bus heading my way. That's how late I was running that the children across the street were being picked up. So I pull forward a bit, having my rear-end in the street and wait (trying to be patient). Sitting there for a while, I'd know when it left because I would have heard it. Oh and let me mention, I listen to K-Love radio station EVERY MORNING, but once in a while I turn it off, to have quiet time with the Lord; it's really the only time during my day I can demand my OWN attention. So it's quiet and I hear nothing, I look over and the bus driver isn't even in his seat!!!!! "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! I NEED TO GET TO WORK!!!" I think, and without even thinking I reverse out of the driveway and take off towards work. No the Stop Signs on the bus were not out. (I think I failed that patience test)
I'm about 5 minutes away on a two lane road that runs by a hospital, so there's lots of turn lanes when all of a sudden a city bus pulls out of nowhere and cuts off the little red car in front of me! "Okay God, I get it big test I'm taking right now." I don't know if anyone has ever noticed but buses go pain steakingly slow! Then it stops, to pick someone up, the bus even got in the turn lane so that we could go around. Little red car however, clearly not receiving a test on patience though, stops behind said bus in both lanes. Therefore not allowing anyone to pass; it’s a two lane road! I sat for three minutes, because it was a handicapped person who needed assistance getting onto the bus. Half the time debating whether to go around little red car anyways, only to realize that there was lots of traffic coming my way. Talk about a test. Finally, after what seemed like forever, the bus moved on.
At the next intersection both bus and little red car turned right while I headed straight. I'm calm at this point, back to "talking" to God, when all of a sudden another school bus cut me off. He had found a let up in the cars going the opposite way from me and took it! "My Lord, My Lord, My Lord!" I cried out, just in awe that he would spend time working on this with me! I did arrive at work at 8:08am!
I'm not one to think that anything happens by accident, I think everything is part of a much bigger plan then the one I have for myself. I believe God himself sent three buses to teach me. Some might say, "No, it was three buses to tempt you." At the point I remind them gently that the Trinity is three, and not just three, but three-in-one! The Lord sent me Three in one, three different buses, but all buses (the one)! I'm thoroughly convinced that during that entire test God, both father and son were sitting up on their thrones, belly laughing at their wonderful daughter and sister! Laughing in joy as they realize that she's gotten it, and that she herself sees the humor in it all.
To end this thought with another somewhat related but unrelated thought. I struggle daily with my husband's job. I'm extremely thankful for the job, but on a regular basis he is sent home, for some reason or another. Today was one of those days, and I suffer with bitterness that comes from my need to take care of the home and never having time off to do so. I try on Saturdays, but never can. The laundry can't be kept up on and dinner isn't made on weeknights. When Josh called me to inform me that he had been sent home, I sighed, and held my tongue. Knowing that my bitterness was not with him, but in my own job and my own situation. In the car this morning on the way to work, while listening to K-Love, they shared their "Encouraging Word of the Day", this is something I have never heard before, because I'm sure they do it at certain times, and I left early this morning.
"The Lord will work out his plans for my life - for your faithful love, O Lord endures forever. Don't abandon me, for you made me." Psalm 138:8 (NLT)
What a thing to hear, directly from God. He knows my struggles and knows how helpful that was! It was just what I needed to hear!

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