06 April 2011

Recipe: HOT Chili

Hot Chili
Ingredients: *this recipe can be cut easily or multiplied!
-2 lbs ground chuck (or other ground)
-1 lb noodles (any type of noodles, we use multi-colored rotini, but if you want spagetti, use it)
-2 packets HOT chili seasoning
-2 can tomato sauce
-dash of red pepper 
-2 tbs sour cream (to manage HOT)
-1 cup water (eye ball this, personal preference is important, I like my chili "soupy", Josh likes his "thick")
-1 bag (you won't eat them all) tortilla chips 
1. Brown ground chuck
2. Boil Noodles. Drain when cooked (follow the box of noodles on this front :D
3. Drain ground chuck (if necessary). Add chili packets, stir in tomato sauce, sour cream and water (to desired constiency) 
4. MIX together!!
5. Serve with tortilla chips. Don't be afraid to add your "chili" favorites to this! I sprinkle cheese, more sour cream in mine, while my dad likes pickle juice (YUCK) in his chili!

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